Clean and comfortable in the car

Private Taxi is non-smoking inside all vehicles, more than half of the chauffeurs are non-smokers, and other smokers refrain from smoking before boarding, so you will not be bothered by the unpleasant smell of cigarettes during the ride.

Even though smoking is prohibited in all cab cabs in Tokyo, there are some vehicles in which the smell of cigarettes is so bad that you may notice it after you get in the car, but this is not the case with Private Taxi.

We at Private Taxi maintain a clean interior by not only prohibiting smoking in our vehicles, but also by installing air purifiers to purify odors in all our vehicles and regularly cleaning the interiors.

In addition, we do not use strong-smelling air fresheners or deodorizers, so people sensitive to chemical odors can ride in our vehicles with peace of mind.

Although we cannot eliminate the smell of the interior materials themselves or the body odor of Chauffeur, we will continue to make every effort to ensure that passengers do not feel uncomfortable.

No Fragrance, No Smell, No Smoking

Air purifiers for odors in each vehicle

Prevention of covid-19 and other infectious diseases

Keeping the interior of the car clean will also help prevent infections such as covid-19.

Please see “Efforts to prevent COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.” for more information on our approach to infectious diseases.