Name of BusinessKoichi Nagata
Address4-1-17-1104 Motosakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number+81-3-6231-7093
Compensation for servicesPrice to be indicated on the purchase page of each service
Other costs besides the priceNone
Method and timing of paymentCredit card payment in advance, payment at the time of boarding (see payment method page for payment method at the time of boarding)
Time of service provisionThe date of use entered at the time of reservation
Cancellation PolicyIn the case of advance payment, cancellations up to one day in advance will be refunded without cancellation fee, while cancellations on the day of the ride will be charged the full amount as a cancellation fee.
OtherFor services with other special offer conditions, the conditions will be indicated on the respective purchase page.

Established on October 01, 2022