Abundant payment methods such as bitcoin


Only Japanese yen can be used.

If you have non-Japanese yen such as dollars or euros, please exchange them into Japanese yen in advance.

Credit Card

JCB, VISA, ,mastercard, Diners, AMERICAN EXPRESS

With the exception of stand-alone cards issued by some credit card companies, they are supported.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment, Apple Pay
PASMO, Suica, WAON, iD, QuickPay



Mobile payment

UnionPay, WeChatPay, ALIPAY
auPAY, PayPay, RakutenPay, etc.

How to use

Just to be safe, please specify your preferred payment method at the time of reservation. In the unlikely event that your preferred payment method is not available, we will let you know.

Credit Card

The credit card will be passed through the payment device, after which you will be asked to enter your PIN number or sign your name.

Please be assured that the PIN cannot be seen while being entered at the payment device.

Contactless payment

Please hold a credit card that supports Contactless payment over the payment device.

For Apple Pay, select a card that is already registered in the wallet of your iPhone or Apple Watch, and hold it over the payment device.


Chauffeur will present you with a QR code for payment.

If you are satisfied with the billing amount displayed on the app, please confirm your payment.

Mobile payment

After arriving at your destination, when paying, you display the barcode on your smartphone app and have the driver scan it for payment.

In the case of UnionPay and other services, the QR code displayed in the car is scanned by the smartphone app, the passenger enters the amount of the ride, and the driver confirms the entry to make the payment.

For some services, the driver selects the store where the payment is to be made in the smartphone app and then enters the amount of the purchase (the amount of the ride).


  • When using a smartphone to make a payment, please make sure that the smartphone is ready to make a payment by installing the application or registering your card in the application beforehand.
  • When using a smartphone to make a payment, please charge the battery in the car or board the bus with the battery charged, as payment cannot be made when the battery is dead.
  • If your balance is insufficient, please pay the amount in cash or other payment methods.

Advance payment is by credit card only

The only method of prepayment on this site is credit card payment.

Advance payment uses Square payment service.