The Group is taking the following measures to prevent new coronavirus infection so that passengers can ride with peace of mind.

(Update : October 11, 2022)

Wearing masks

N95 masks are worn on board.

Vaccination against new coronavirus

All drivers have received the third dose of the new corona vaccine.

Air purifiers, anti-pollen filters, etc. are being installed in sequence

Equipped modelChauffeur
Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator (*1)Onuma, Shibasaki, Wada, Sato, Mishima, Sunagawa, Ambai
Atmosphere drive air purifier for cars (*2)Yamazaki, Ogasawara, Nagata
Car-mounted ion generator Panasonic nanoe (*3)Ogasawara, Nagata

Alcohol disinfection of various parts of the car

Alcohol disinfection of seats, doorknobs, armrests, and other interior parts of the vehicle (using a seat, spray, etc.)

Hand washing, gargling, etc.

Wash hands with soap and alcohol disinfectant, and gargle with water and gargle medicine.

Temperature measurement and physical condition control

Body temperature is measured along with an alcohol test when leaving and entering the warehouse.

If abnormalities such as fever or coughing are detected, we ask the relevant authorities for instructions and prohibit boarding.

Use of the new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA) (*4)

All drivers have already installed this application.

Other infection control measures recommended by the Japanese government's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare are also incorporated. (*5)

Is there anything unclear about that ?

We are taking all possible measures to minimize the anxiety of our customers, but please contact us if you have any questions.

All of these links are to Japanese-language sites.

  1. Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator (IG-HCF15)
  2. Atmosphere Drive Car Air Purifier
  3. In-vehicle ion generator Panasonic nanoe
  4. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Q&A on novel coronaviruses (for the general public)
  5. COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)